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Youth Rowing Programs

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Youth Rowing:  Our Mission Statement 

The Youth Rowing Program seeks, as its primary goal, to create the opportunity for personal growth in young men and women through the sport of competitive rowing.  Participation within our programs will not only introduce athletes to rowing and fitness; but ultimately to themselves, as they strive to define their potential and place in this world.  Their paths will be directly influenced by the hard work, discipline and goal-setting skills they developed while being involved with our team.  Above all, we believe participation in our Youth Rowing Program will bring opportunity for our athletes to advance to distinguished Colleges and Universities, create successful careers and have fulfilling personal lives.

  • To develop middle and high school youth, through the competitive sport of rowing, into young men and women of character, honor, and integrity.


  • To provide a program that fosters personal and team success defined by performing to our maximum potential, as individuals and a team.  Through this success, we will create opportunities for collegiate scholarships and other post-secondary school achievements.


  • To develop lifelong friendships, healthy lifestyles and model citizens in the youth who pass through our program.  Create a sense of community, foster healthy competition, instill values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and commitment. Create a culture of excellence that will carry on throughout life.




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